Michelle Alvarez Testimonial

I first saw Silverio Garcia at a Community event. I later personally needed his civil rights advocacy services when I felt one of my acquaintenances needed to be treated fairly in the disability world.

Then came time when I personally needed his expertise to solve a growing issue with my son’s charter school. From the start I could tell that me reaching out to Mr. Garcia was a step in the right direction. Long story short, my son’s issues at school disappeared and it turned out to be a “win-win” resolution for all parties involved. My son is learning at an Honor Society level and he’s also achieving college credits at a much earlier rate.

I strongly recommend Silverio Garcia’s federal expertise and knowledge in all areas that he personally advocates for the Community. He has advocated “free of charge” for over twenty three (23) years. He has immense knowledge at all four (4) levels of Govt especially of the Federal level.

My personal experiences have all been very positive with Silverio, including some help involving my personal environment. Silverio is very knowledgeable in areas that our Community as a whole faces on a daily basis.

I wish nothing but the Best for Silverio Garcia – Justice For All, LLC.

Please donate to any and all of his Community efforts.

Michelle Alvarez – Peoria, AZ