1. Do Undocumented Immigrants have any rights in the United States ?
  2. What type of case can be filed for Civil Rights purposes in the United States on behalf of Immigrants ?
  3. What law or court case gives Immigrants rights in Public schools k-12 ?
  4. What does “Federal assistance” mean ?
  5. How and where do I file a Disability related school complaint ?
  6. What are the Disability laws that protect students in Special Education ?
  7. What are the Disability laws that protect students on 504 plans ?
  8. When does the ADA of 1990 apply ?
  9. When does Section 504 of the Rehab Act of 1973 apply ?
  10. Do parents have to exhaust all local county and state procedures before they can file federally ?
  11. What is an IEP ?
  12. Who owns the IEP ?
  13. What’s a 504 plan ?
  14. What federal laws are enforceable in a federally assisted world ?
  15. Do Immigrants have rights in our jail systems ?
  16. Immigrants have rights in what type areas ?
  17. What mandates interpreters and translators of another language besides English in America ?
  18. Where does one file a complaint if they feel they have been discriminated in public schools based on national origin reasons ?
  19. Where does one file a civil rights complaint vs an entity based on police misconduct of the badge ?
  20. What does “national origin” mean ?
  21. What does “preponderance of the evidence” mean and where is that type of evidence used ?
  22. What are the statute of limitations for filing a federal complaint ?
  23. Do local county and state laws apply in a federal complaint ?
  24. What is a Complainant ?
  25. Can a juvenile aged person file a federal complaint ?
  26. Where do I get the complaint forms for a federal complaint ?
  27. Where do I find my FEDERAL OFFICE to file a federal educational complaint ?
  28. What does the USDOJ Educational Opportunities Section do ?
  29. What are the laws that protect versus race color and or national origin discrimination in public schools ?
  30. Is a charter school able to be turned in federally ?
  31. What is the maximum time one can wait before filing federally ?
  32. What does OCR stand for ?
  33. What does USDOJ CRD FCS stand for ?
  34. What is the Supremacy Clause of the US Constitution ?
  35. What is the Special Litigation Section inside the USDOJ ?