City Hall Related Issues


From October 2007 till October 2008, Silverio Garcia Jr questioned the “Don’t Pick up DAYLABORERS” signs which were posted/erected in the Avondale Home Depot plaza. The signs were scattered throughout the Coldwater Plaza all along the Dysart road entrances/exits off the said plaza.

For a whole year, Activist Silverio Garcia Jr pursued the issue and finally on October 2008, the Avondale Police Dept responded after having to remove the said illegally posted signs twice.

The signs were illegally posted in Right of Way (R.O.W.) Public property….also the City of Avondale receives Federal funds/assistance and cannot discriminate versus a certain Culture/national origin and not levy such actions against all
Origins equally.

The Civil Rights of the Hispanic DAYLABORERS was upheld based on two (2) laws….one locally and one Federally.

JUSTICE prevailed in this advocacy !

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