Civil Rights Training

Formal Classroom Training Sessions (1.5 hrs or 4.0 hrs in length)

  • Basic Laws 101/Monies – Four Levels of Govt- Terminologies
  • Basic Federal Assistance/Assurances (Definitions/Terminologies/Do’s & Don’ts)
  • Basic flowpath/layout of a Federal Complaint based on area filed
  • Federal Laws/Regs/Justifications/Enforcements/Bar of proof/Template in a Federal Complaint (one (1) of several areas) Class to choose area of complaint.
  • Given a description of a true Federal situation/violation with all materials and info needed, write the appropriate Federal Complaint to the appropriate Federal Agency as the Lead Complainant.
  • Federally assisted Areas presently training in are: Police, public schools, Community Colleges, 4 yr Degree education institutions, Special Needs, City Hall related, DCS/CPS, Environmental concerns, Special Education, Disability and other federally-assisted areas.